Innovation in the ‘Burg Podcast

Why did the fish blush?
Because he saw the Ocean’s bottom!

Yes, that’s how the first “Innovation in the ‘Burg” podcast starts.  Thanks to the St. Pete Cataylst you can now hear about this and other fascinating facts.

The St. Petersburg Innovation District has launched a podcast series.  This podcast is a fun and entertaining program to introduce the listeners to scientific research and other innovations happening in St. Petersburg.   Designed for individuals who might not consider themselves “geeks,” listeners will gain an understanding of innovation and how it impacts their lives.

Hosted by Alison Barlow, Executive Director of the Innovation District, the first podcast features Dr. Mya Breitbart of the USF College of Marine Science and Tee Grizzard of LassiterWare.  They talk about bacteria in our water and fish eggs while sharing more fish jokes.

Check out the podcast at: