SRI International

  • Sensing & Domain Awareness Laboratory
  • R&D of in situ Sensors & Instruments for applications in air/ocean/space
    • Engineering Research & Development from Science to Product
    • Industry-leading small SWaP extreme environment sensors for chemical/biological analysis in water/air/space
      • Unmanned ocean platforms, unmanned aerial vehicles, industrial sensors, remote fixed environmental monitors, space exploration platforms, chemical tagging/detection
    • Optical targeting and tagging/tracking systems
    • Licensing IP to Partners, with Integration Support
  • R&D of Ocean Systems, with Worldwide Marine Operations for Integration & Test Support
    • SRI/MSS is an unbiased prime contractor for early concept definition and platform/element selection phases on new system development programs
    • Broad ocean systems development, integration, & test capability for missions including environmental awareness, oil & gas applications, and defense/security
    • Technology expertise & unique sensor tools for Autonomous Air/Surface/Underwater Vehicles and Space systems
    • Cost-effective facilities, equipment, staff, and ocean test range for marine operations
    • Unmanned vehicle integration and data PED software expertise backed up by greater-SRI software, autonomy, RF communications, bioscience, and robotics resources
  • Research & Discovery: Ocean environmental science
    • Strong international reputation for ocean environmental science expertise
  • Enterprise software development & sensor fusion for domain awareness centers

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