USF College of Marine Science

The University of South Florida College of Marine Science is a research intensive graduate college aimed at understanding the ocean’s impact on humans, and vice versa, and at providing solutions to make these impacts as positive as possible.

  • Focused on interdisciplinary research in marine science at the graduate level including the fields of biological, chemical, physical, and geographical oceanography, as well as Marine Resource Assessment.
    • 13 labs
    • 4 Ocean Modeling, Ocean Sensors, and Real-Time Data Systems
    • Receives on average $21 million/year in research funding.
  • Institute for Marine Remote Sensing
    • Focuses on the analysis of digital data obtained by satellite and airborne sensors, and on the development of applications of these data at local, regional, and global scales to provide a better understanding of the world oceans on a large spatial and temporal scale.
  • Center for Ocean Technology
    • Provides development engineering expertise and at-sea support to the College of Marine Science and is dedicated to advancing technology in oceanographic research through active collaboration with the College.
    • Has been instrumental in the development of leading-edge biological, chemical, and physical oceanographic sensors.

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